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Krol & Krol only collects information that is volunteered by visitors to our site. Krol & Krol does not set any cookies and does not partner with any ad server companies. We reserve the right to monitor traffic on the website, the way in which the website is used, as well as other related information that helps Krol & Krol in further developing marketing strategies and improving the efficiency of our website.

If you elect to access this website, you are deemed to acknowledge that you understand and agree that there is the possibility that information that you provide to us via this website can be intercepted by third parties and, should this occur, you hereby absolve Krol & Krol of all responsibility whatsoever for any subsequent misuse of such information.

Amendments to Our Privacy Policy

Krol & Krol reserves the right to amend its privacy policies at any time. Should the privacy policies and information practices of Krol & Krol change at any time in the future, these amendments will be posted on our website.


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